Meet the unexpected

Meet the unexpected

Hello everyone,

I want to start by expressing my gratitude for all of you reading my posts. 

It is unbelievably rewarding to know that what you think is appreciated and others can find value and guidance in your experiences.

As I want to communicate as many useful things related to this subject is very probable that I will miss some important things. But what I will essentially communicate will be my experience regarding the power of GRATITUDE.

What I want to pinpoint is that I started my gratitude journal just few weeks ago,but is a very powerful experience for me. I know that many people around me were used to gratitude and its power,but I had a hard time making this a priority. I still have a hard time writing down every day, but I committed to doing it and I do my best to stay on track. If we only listen to people around us, who want to help us, we will not have as hard times as if we don't. I know I heard many times about the power of gratitude, but I could never make it a priority. All the time I could find excuses not to do it, or I made myself believe that I don't truly know how to do it.

We go through life sometime without paying much attention on the environment. Is like we are in an high speed vehicle and pass by so many interesting places but we can't stop and appreciate anything because we loose the precious time and the vehicle that is supposed to bring us the outcome that we desire will not wait for us. But least we know that success is much closer if we actually take the time and give thanks to little things around us.

I was encouraged to start my gratitude journal by a new friend of mine. I was in a very deep place and didn't know what to do to better myself and the situation I was in. I felt like I am about to loose myself and then it came - "Start a little Gratitude Journal. Buy a nice little notebook and start writing about the little things that you appreciate and write at least 3 reasons why you do." It took me a week until I got the actual Journal but in that week I wrote my everyday gratitude in my agenda. Finally, I meet my friend for the second time, she gave me other things to do and said she would love to see my Journal. The next day I made a Facebook post with my Gratitude Journal. 

It was like time was compressed and I had to experience something that will change my life forever. I got a Divine sign that I am valuable in a form that for some will appear as bad luck. But that day I realized how many times I overlooked signs and coincidences.

Do you believe in Angels? Before this experience, I was unsure if to believe or not, but now I can say that I pay much more attention on signs and patterns as before. In the day that I posted my journal was our 10 years anniversary in Canada and I got these signs: 

555 - mean that you are going through, or will be going through, a positive change in your life.

666 - Remember Your True Divine Nature and Dream Big

1010 - signifies your personal development. It’s also about your spiritual enlightenment and awakening. It signals the time for blessings and abundance, if you will open your heart and mind to receive them.

1616 - brings a message from your angels to keep your thoughts uplifted and positive, and to let go of material matters or concerns. The focus is on emotions, family issues, your home environment and you as a person. New energies will be entering your life which will lead to a renewed enthusiasm and the angels are sending you positive energy and balance so that you are able to stay focused upon your path.

Even though my experience that day wasn't pleasant at all, I learned a lot from it, and I started to appreciate more the people in my life and all the things and feelings that I encounter. If we pay attention on what is happening around us we can find the divine purpose of each experience we are part of.

So I encourage you to open up to new discoveries about yourself and the ones around you, by thinking positive thoughts and appreciating more.

To all new and powerful experiences I say WELCOME into my life!



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